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Security Company Employment

action k-9 securityIf you are looking for an exciting career that allows you to work with animals and protect others, then Action K-9 Security is the company for you. We require all of our employees to pass specific fitness and background checks to determine their eligibility for the positions that we have available, among other skills trainings. Since we serve a high profile clientele in business and government we must have the most honest and trustworthy employees working on our behalf.

This means that we will only accept the cream of the crop in the applicants that we receive and those with the most glowing recommendations. We will be more likely to accept those applicants with military and law enforcement backgrounds as there is a modicum less training that we will have to provide for them and their careers will speak highly of their abilities in this particular profession.

However, we have a number of different positions that frequently become available that require different skill sets. Depending on the position you are applying for you will have to have experience in transport driving, firearms, security checks, and in even more specialized cases, you will have to train with a specific canine and develop partnerships with each individual dog in order to achieve the desired relationship with them.

Each of our security positions has to be filled by the most credible and personnel. Government officials and high powered executives who need to travel all over the world, and to areas that are not always the safest for political or corporate reasons trust Action K-9 Security to provide them with the safest mode of transportation for their persons at all times, knowing that we have the accreditations necessary to fill those roles with the best possible results.

(requirements and standards)

For entry level officers:

Applicants must be:

  • At least 21 years old
  • A legal U.S. citizen
  • A high school graduate or equivalent

Applicants must possess:

  • A Social Security card
  • A valid Permanent Employee Registration Card (blue card)
  • A 20-hour basic security certificate
  • A valid State I.D. or Driver’s License (License required for advancement)

Applicants must be able to:

  • Pass a physical by your physician
  • Pass a simple physical fitness test
  • Pass a drug screening
  • Pass a psychological evaluation
  • Have vision corrected to at least 20/30 vision

Applicants must not:

  • Possess a felony of any kind
  • Possess a domestic assault/battery conviction
  • Possess a violent/drug-related misdemeanor conviction
  • Possess a dishonorable discharge disposition


Additional items may be required

Subject to change