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Executive Protection | Chicago, IL

action k-9 executive protection

Action K-9 Security has a number of services specifically designed for the safe transportation and living of executive officials in the federal government, state government and private sectors. Federal and state government officials require a specialized and highly involved set of security programs to ensure their safety, as history has shown that such figures are targets for politically oriented agendas.

We provide all the security needs that you may come to need, whether you are a corporate executive or a governmental official on business or personal time off. These services include providing protection dogs for various services, such as drug, bomb, weapons, and other paraphernalia detection details and handlers for each of these canines that will be able to handle them and control them with verbal and vocal commands. These specialty protection units offer a different aspect of personal security that many other security firms cannot provide.

When you have decided to hire an extra set of security personnel for your travels or everyday affairs, you should set up a time to meet and go over your governmental or executive protection needs. Our security director will meet you in person or schedule a teleconference to discuss your special needs for the event or timeframe in which you will need our canine security services.

Early Security Breach Detection

We can assist you with virtually every security need for your event, ranging from armed guards, canine units to other more unique services for your safety concerns. Escorts can be configured for a wide array of possibilities. The E.P.U. is our elite unit; services can be customized for state government, federal government, and other executive personnel who require our services. We are tasked with the safety of officials from all branches of political and business spheres, and we have been able to create a reputation based off success and care for the bodies that we protect.

The E.P.U. is our elite unit; services can be customized and may include some or all of the following features.

  • Pre-destination sweep(s)
  • Armed escorts
  • Emergency planning
  • Event escort
  • GPS tracking
  • Undercover escort
  • Tactical Perimeter Defense
  • K-9 support
  • Law enforcement cooperation