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Graffiti & Vandalism Tactical Unit

action k-9 graffiti and vandalism tacticalAt Action K-9 Security, Inc., we have created a tool against acts of vandalism and petty crime, the Graffiti & Vandalism Tactical Unit or simply G.T.U. The G.T.U. may be directed to certain areas or on a random roaming pattern throughout a metropolitan area. These security services in Chicago, IL are vital for the security of our urban areas, and no security company in Chicago, IL has the same ability to prevent the defacement of public and private property. Advanced surveillance, undercover officers, decoys, and extensive knowledge concerning taggers and their crews result in a very effective means of deterring and capture of vandals.

The G.T.U. also handles requests made to Action K-9 Security for undercover workplace surveillance operations. Action K-9 Security will deploy an officer to your place of business assuming the identity of a temporary employee, or similar, to work as a loss prevention solution without your employees becoming aware of your strategies. The G.T.U. is extremely successful in their workplace operations and has received nothing but 100% client satisfaction ratings to date. Of all of our security services in Illinois, this is by far one of our most popular after our Illinois guard dogs.

Graffiti and Vandalism Tactical Unit - Action K-9 Security

Operations and Availability

The G.T.U. is available for the private industry to thwart and deter acts of opportunistic crime without public knowledge of their presence. Opportunistic crime is criminal acts such as vandalism, theft, workplace theft, trespassing, personal theft e.g. pickpockets and purse-snatchers, and criminal sexual acts. G.T.U. officers are able to blend into their surroundings while covertly performing their duties. The G.T.U. is supported by an experienced, highly trained surveillance team to provide over watch and offer instant back-up to the undercover officers.

As earlier indicated, the operations taken on by the G.T.U. are team essential. The amount of personnel required will vary depending on criteria, conditions, and scope of work. With the exception of workplace surveillance, a minimum of three officers is required for most operations.

Officer Training and Standards

The process for selecting security officers in Illinois for us, is much more complicated. most members of the G.T.U. posses more than 10 years of tactical team experience. All of our security officers in Illinois are required to be licensed through the state as security officers, and only then will a series of tests and extensive background checks be administered. A minimum of two hundred and fifty (250) hours of training, required by Action K-9 Security, must be completed before an individual may become eligible for this unit.


The G.T.U. are deployed and operate in a variety of environments and situations. Therefore an officer must adapt and conform to his or her surroundings in order to achieve maximum efficiency. For example during workplace surveillance operations, the officer assumes the identity of an employee including uniforms or style of dress associated with an employee of your company.

G.T.U. teams are outfitted with a wide array of equipment to satisfy every mission. Action K-9 Security’s Graffiti & Vandalism Tactical Unit deploys state of the art wireless audio and video surveillance options, digital recording capabilities and GPS tracking capabilities. The type of equipment will vary depending on client, criteria, conditions, and scope of work.