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K-9 Security | Guard Dog | Chicago, IL

Thoroughbred Security K-9The Guard Dog Unit is our division of unmanned patrol dogs trained to protect your enclosed property. All guard dogs in Illinois are trained in property protection and can be deployed to virtually any premises that are capable of containing highly trained k-9s, i.e. warehouses, car dealers, factories, etc. Guard dogs have been utilized for centuries, evolving into the working breed lines we know today. Action K-9 Security was the founder of the first private guard dog in Illinois, delivery service. Throughout the years, we have managed to elevate every aspect involved with this very efficient, very cost effective security alternative.

Operations and Availability

Unmanned patrol dogs, or guard dogs, are typically done on a delivery/pick-up program. A security consultant will gather the operating hours of your facility and tailor a schedule to best suit your security needs. The guard dogs can be delivered to your place of business after you close for that day and retrieved before you arrive the next morning. Guard dogs are not attack dogs. Action K-9 Security guard dogs are property protection trained and are meant to deter possible incidents.

Specializing in K-9 Security for 40 years

We understand every client is different and unique, which is why every schedule is flexible and is able to be modified daily. Because our security services in Chicago, IL are so versatile, we are sure we can put together a protection plan that best suits your needs.


The G.D.U s’ main objective is to provide small business owners a chance to efficiently protect their investment. Services of the G.D.U. are available to any medium-large private business owner and/or corporations in search of a cost-effective layer of physical security to protect their assets and investments too.

Call one of our knowledgeable security consultants for free price quote and consultation.

Our Guard Dogs specialize in:

  • Construction Projects
  • Auto Dealerships
  • Factories
  • Rehabilitation construction
  • Storage/warehouse facilities

K-9 Breeds

We utilize the Belgian Malinois, the German Shepherd, the Rottweiler, and the Doberman. The type of breed a client will receive may vary depending on the criteria, conditions, and scope of work.

K-9 Selection

Action K-9 Security Inc. is the only K-9 security services provider in the country that has its own breeding program. Why is this important? It is important because at Action K-9 Security we know our dogs. Every aspect of their lives are recorded and kept on file for the duration of service. Our guard dogs from Illinois are the hot topic of the security services in Illinois and the rest of the country.

Other providers buy their K-9s from breeders; this is not ideal for multiple reasons. First, a breeder cannot and will not provide the socialization necessary for a security service dog. Depending on the scope of work you require, socialization with humans is superlative and necessary in conducting peaceful patrols while interacting with the general public.


Action K-9 Security believes every dog deserves a second chance. This is why we have created and developed our Second Chance Donation program. We have noticed that placing adult working breed K-9s out of adoption or rescue groups is and has been increasingly difficult. Action K-9 takes these dogs for physicals and medical treatment if necessary and applies behavior modification techniques such as socialization drills, positive reinforcement, bonding therapy, and supervised animal-to-animal contact/interaction. Once these goals have been met, the K-9s future is determined from that point. Age, medical status, breed, physical attributes/weaknesses, and other determining factors are evaluated and calculated to determine what area of duty the K-9 is best suited.

K-9 Training

At Action K-9 Security Inc., training is the key. Training begins very early for potential candidates of the program. Socialization and basic obedience begins at or around six months of age. Advanced obedience, muzzle defense and officer protection training begins at or around one year of age to allow the K-9 to mature. Training continues from there to include but not limited to:

  • Escorting
  • Crowd control tactics
  • Defensive maneuvers
  • Basic tracking
  • Apprehension
  • Advanced officer protection

G.D.U. guard dogs are then separated into two specialty fields: property protection and sight/sound patrol.
Property protection training is used for areas with defined boundaries such as buildings and fenced areas. These guard dogs are trained to value an area as their own and protect that area with aggressive auditory and visual tactics. In case of a natural or man made occurrence that might disrupt the area’s enclosure, as a safety measure, Action K-9 security guard dogs are trained to cease protection if removed from that area. This decreases risk and liability.


Sight/Sound guard dogs are trained to work as proximity alerts. If unauthorized individuals draw near, these guard dogs will bark. The rate and frequency of the barking will increase, as the individual grows closer. Sight/sound guard dogs are primarily used as backup for property protection guard dogs however, like all of our other services they can be deployed in conjunction with any other unit.

Appearance and Professionalism

G.D.U. officers wear a black uniform with company patch and logo. Rubber soled safety boots and company/officer identification are required.

Officer Training and Standards

Due to confidentiality restraints, information will be limited.

In order to preserve security integrity all G.D.U. drivers are required to be licensed through In order to preserve security integrity all G.D.U. drivers are required to be licensed through the state as security officers, then a series of tests and extensive background checks are performed. A minimum of one hundred and fifty (150) hours of training, required by Action K-9 Security, must be completed before an individual may become eligible for this unit.