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K-9 Detection Unit | Chicago, IL

K-9 Detection UnitChange is inevitable. Change is a fact of life. The world has come into a new age, an age filled with new threats to our way of life and threats to our freedom. However, with this change comes hope. We live in an America that is under fire. Our borders have been breached; the nation’s security integrity is in question. The government has instituted the Homeland Security Department to protect government buildings and institutions, but what about the buildings and institutions of private corporations? Action K-9 Security, Inc. has increased its service area to include anti-terrorist options to the private corporation. We offer multiple options to our clients to face the challenges of this new age in America.

K-9 detection has been increasingly apparent since the 9/11 attacks in New York and Washington D.C. Explosive detection is the number one resource in the fight against terrorist attacks. Potential for future attacks on America is not possible but probable. T.S.A. and other federal institutions and agencies have established K-9 detection teams, mainly reserved for airports, seaports, and government interests. With very little hesitation I must say that there is no other agency, federal or private, that can match our proficiency and knowledge in terms of K-9 development and utilization, whether it is a security company in Chicago, IL or anywhere else.. O’Hare International Airport, is one of the largest and busiest airports in the world, contracts Action K-9 Security for twenty-four hour service, 365 days a year.

Our teams are on active standby for immediate deployment to secure the terminals of O’Hare in case of terror alerts of orange or higher. Our Security Officers in Illinois are among the best trained and our security services in Chicago, IL area.

K-9 Detection Unit

K-9 Detection Unit OfficerThe K.D.U is an elite unit consisting of teams of highly trained officer and K-9 teams versed in explosive, firearms, and narcotics detection. These security officers from Illinois’s main objective is to perform sweep(s) of your property with a main focus on the identification of any and all threats. Teams are available in multiple formats, all of which may be tailored to your schedule, facility, and/or budget. Threats to your interests cannot be taken lightly. Action K-9 is the serious answer. The K.D.U. was founded by Action K-9 Security, Inc. to be an efficient and successful global anti-terrorism option, however, domestic alternatives are available to the private sector.

Operations and Availability

Workplace and school searches are a continuous source of deployments for the K.D.U. Workplace searches are conducted primarily during business hours at entrance event suspicions of an employee or employees are transporting or trafficking narcotics in the workplace. Schools have utilized these services to increase student safety and security. Locker searches and employee areas may be conducted discreetly to increase the chances of detection.

Appearance and Professionalism

K.D.U. personnel are outfitted with military style B.D.U s’, tactical boots, and tactical nylon duty rig with necessary security tools. Action K-9 Security’s badge and shield are highly visible, clearly identifying company and officer.

K-9 Training and Standards

K-9 DetectionOur K.D.U. trainer has trained over one thousand canines for law enforcement at all levels. His work is undisputed, as mostly all agencies return for additional training and advice from a trainer they view as indispensable. K.D.U. teams are put through training until they meet our trainer’s extremely high standards. Supplementary and reinforcement training is done weekly to reinforce the k-9s goal-oriented style required for detection work.

Standards for detection K-9 units are modeled after agencies such as the A.T.F. and D.E.A. Action K-9 Security, Inc. is recognized by both agencies for its high standards of training and operational procedures. Officers of the K.D.U. are active members in the Illinois Association of Bomb Technicians & Investigators (IABTI). Each member receives daily and monthly updates to constantly improve and upgrade their training and maintain consistent and updated situational awareness.