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K-9 Patrol Unit | Chicago, IL

Action K-9 Office DeploymentThe Officer Deployment Unit is Action K-9 Security’s prime division. The K-9 teams of the O.D.U. are the backbone of this division. They provide the most effective and efficient layer of security for your assets. These security officers in Illinois provide an excellent visual deterrent to crime and increase public awareness. O.D.U. K-9 teams present and maintain a positive and professional image.

O.D.U. K-9 teams have the ability to reduce your cost as owner and operator by reducing manpower. Most every security company in Chicago, IL does not have these abilities. Whereas a standard security detail would require four armed officers, O.D.U. K-9 teams can perform the same detail with just two units. Our officers have the proven advantage of working with highly skilled, highly trained working dogs. These K-9s are able to detect threats long before they become apparent by way of their uncanny sense of smell and hearing, affording the officer greater self-protection, and provide a less-lethal alternative to firearms.

If a hostile individual gains access to an officer’s weapon there can be serious trouble ahead. That would be impossible with a highly trained security service K-9 unit from Action K-9 Security, Inc.

Security Patrol that covers twice the area

Operations and Availability

Executive Protection Unit - Action K9 UnitO.D.U. K-9 teams are deployed to areas and property for multiple reasons. K-9 teams increase security visibility. Increasing your security visibility decreases negative incidents and increases safety. Our teams are also capable of tackling situations conventional security is incapable of handling.

Services of the O.D.U. are available to any medium or large private business owner and/or corporation in search of a cost-effective layer of physical security to protect their assets and investments. O.D.U. teams have a history of interagency cooperation and are available as a supplement layer of security to your existing security measure(s). For personal security options, please refer to the E.P.U. page.

O.D.U. services are also available to government agencies and managing authorities for bid/no-bid contracts. Action K-9 Security Inc. is a great way to cover your security needs and still come under budget.

Call one of our knowledgeable security consultants for free price quote and consultation.

Action K9 Security Employment OpportunityOur k-9 teams specialize in:

  • Airport Security
  • Parking garage/lot security
  • Special Events
  • Marinas and sea ports
  • Tourist Attractions
  • Sporting events
  • Crowd Management
  • High risk operations
  • Large scale construction project


Appearance and Professionalism

O.D.U. officers command respect and attention whenever and wherever they’re deployed. O.D.U. personnel are outfitted with military style B.D.U s’, tactical boots, and tactical nylon duty rig with necessary security tools. Action K-9 Security’s badge and shield are highly visible, clearly identifying company and officer. The type of equipment will vary depending on client, criteria, conditions, and scope of work.

Officer Training and Standards

Action K-9 Security Inc. sets the standard for excellence and training in its respective field. Candidates for officer status must pass rigorous background checks, psychological evaluations, and physical fitness testing before entering our base training program. Candidates must possess state certification as a security officer in Illinois through the Illinois Department of Regulations. Fingerprint analysis and recording performed by the Illinois State Police is also required. Specialty/Site specific training may include but is not limited to:

  • Basic and Emergency Handcuffing
  • CPR/First Aid
  • Customer service/courtesy
  • ASP® Baton
  • Chemical/OC propellant
  • CQC Training
  • Advanced Weapons
  • And Much More