Tactical Security

At Action K-9 Security, Inc., we have created a tool against acts of vandalism and crime, the Tactical Security Unit. The T.S.U. can be assigned to certain areas or on a random roaming pattern throughout a predetermined service area. These security services are vital for the security and safety of metropolitan areas especially large industrial areas, factory co-ops and areas that have experienced an increase in vandalism and opportunistic crime.

tactical security

Our Tactical Security Unit was developed for the private sector to thwart and deter acts of opportunistic crime without public knowledge of their presence. Opportunistic Crime can be described as criminal acts such as vandalism, theft, workplace theft, trespassing, personal theft (e.g. pickpockets and purse-snatchers) and criminal sexual acts. Action K-9’s Tactical Security Unit personnel are able to blend into their surroundings while covertly performing their duties. The Tactical Security Unit is supported by an experienced, highly-trained surveillance team to provide over-watch and offer rapid support to the undercover officers. Deployment of cutting-edge surveillance drones increase the range and effectiveness of a TSU operation. These drones are able to operate within set parameters, loiter above open areas to provide real-time feedback and tag individuals or Points of Interest.

The T.S.U. also handles requests made to Action K-9 Security for undercover workplace surveillance operations. Action K-9 Security will deploy an officer to your place of business assuming the identity of a temporary employee, or similar, to work as a loss prevention solution without your employees becoming aware of your strategies. The Tactical Security Unit is extremely successful in their workplace operations and has received 100% client satisfaction ratings for all TSU Deployments.